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Ranger Guard | Baltimore Metro

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Ranger Guard | Baltimore Metro


300 Redland Ct, Suite 102
Owing Mills Maryland 21117
United States


+1 410-604-9955

"One of the biggest concerns commercial property owners have is security. It is important to maintain high levels of security at your business premises if you have many people visiting the area every day. Ranger Guard Security Guard Service provides private security services to Baltimore, Maryland property owners, helping them establish a feeling of safety on their premises. We offer a wide range of security services including armed and non-armed security, mobile security patrols, and loss prevention. The private patrol and investigations service also caters to special events, ensuring the attendees' safety. We can provide private security officers to protect your business or property.




Client Reviews

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Sarah Howard

Baltimore Security Guard

Needless to say, when it comes to any type of investigation, integrity and confidentiality Ranger guard is definitely on top. their use of digital and traditional investigative methods are likely the reason for this.

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Kim Foster

Security Guard

I feel safe when Officer Brown is around. Thank you Ranger Guard for training your Officers properly. We really appreciate it

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Manuel Moore

Baltimore Security

Thank you for the very good service and also to Officer Mario. He

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Jean Perry

security service

Very professional security company . They provide security services for my office building they have helped eliminate the homeless around the area

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Myra Lee


highly recommended this company for any event or social activity. Thank you

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Patsy Simpson


The customer friendliness made all the difference in the world to me.

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Candy Montgomery

professional security

Proud of myself trusting this company to help me secure our assets and keep my tenants safe. Thank you Ranger Guard

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Debra Ferguson

professional security

Worth every penny! They provided a competitive and reasonable rate , enough for our security needs. Thank you!

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Lesley White

security business

Very competitive and skillful guards! Thank you for the great service

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Opal Gutierrez

affordable security guards

Quickest and most active guards I

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Christopher Hill

affordable security guards

staff and great owners are professional, always on site and available immediately and the response is fantastic in apartment complexes. Thank you for keeping us safe!

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Raymond Harrison

recommended security company

They have done such a great job in monitoring the activity at our property and showing such a strong presence that they have had eliminated the vandalism and theft that was going on prior to them starting.

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Cheryl Watkins

guards near me

I used the services of Ranger Guard for 1 week while my house was tented for fumigation. The guard was punctual, reliable, and customer-friendly, as was his supervisor. He took photos on an hourly basis and texted them to me, providing peace of mind that he was actually on-site and monitoring my home. Of course, the best part was that I returned to a home that hadn

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Judith White

security guards

The staff working at our complex are very polite and professional. They are very quick to respond to calls and even text! Keep up the good work Ranger Guard Security !!

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Susan Collins

event security guards

Ranger Guard was the best choice we made when hiring a security company. Steve was excellent to work with and went over and beyond with personal service to make sure our needs were taken care of.

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Marilyn Evans

asset security

Used Ranger Guard

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Mildred Payne

school security company

They are easy to get a hold of and it

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Sue Williams

complex security

Very professional and enjoyed working with this company very much! These guys stepped in and did an amazing job making us feel safe in our workplace.

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Leroy Jenkins

guards for hire

Jonah is an excellent source for security best practices and tips and tricks to ensure you stay physically and electronically safe. He also has been a great asset to all job seekers out there.

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Kim Fox

security officer

This team provided a great Texas security guard service for my client. I found this company via Google and I was super impressed. My client I represent could not say more good things about this team. The protection and security that Ranger Guard provided was over the top. Can

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