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Elaborth Repairs

Restoring Harmony, One Repair at a Time.


Elaborth Repairs


130 N Spruce St
Winston-Salem North Carolina 27101


(336) 866-6183

Elaborth Repairs, located in the heart Winston-Salem is a beacon of light for properties that have suffered water damage. Our team of experts specializes in Water Damage Restoration and is dedicated to restoring structures back to their original condition.

Elaborth Repairs offers a wide range of services from emergency water removal to structural drying. We use the latest tools and techniques for efficient, thorough solutions. Our extensive service portfolio includes issues arising from burst pipe, flooding, and ceiling damage. We also have a wealth of experience in specialized areas such as water stain removal, carpet cleaning and flood cleanup.

Winston-Salem's unpredictable weather patterns can sometimes lead to unwarranted water woes for its residents. At such times, our quick dry-out services have been a saving grace for many commercial and residential spaces. We focus not only on immediate restoration, but also on long-term solutions such as mold remediation and prevention measures.

Elaborth Repairs doesn't just provide a service, it's also a commitment to the community. Having served Winston-Salem for years, we deeply understand the local architectural nuances and weather challenges. Our approach is tailored not just based on the severity of water damage but also considering the unique characteristics of Winston-Salem properties.

Choose Elaborth Repairs for a blend of expertise, efficiency, and local understanding. In Winston-Salem, when water damage strikes, we ensure it's just a temporary setback, not a lasting disaster.


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